【core0006】小暮紀一作・コアガラス冷酒杯 Norikazu Kogure Core-formed glass cup for cold Sake | kogureglassworks


【core0006】小暮紀一作・コアガラス冷酒杯 Norikazu Kogure Core-formed glass cup for cold Sake

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コアガラス冷酒杯 小暮紀一作
core-formed glass cup for cold Sake Norikazu Kogure
Ø57㎜ × H53㎜


[Core glass] is an old glass product with a history of over 2500 years
The process of making a mold (core) at the tip of a metal rod, melting and decorating the glass or mosaic stretched into a bar on the surface in a flame, and decorating and shaping is impossible because mass production is impossible. Requires technical skills.
Precise pattern and beauty are unparalleled to other glass products, and rare glass crafts with only a few people in the world.

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¥ 19,800 tax included